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Towards a Ph.D. in Health SciencesTrident’s Ph.D. in Health Sciences online program puts you on the forefront of an ever-changing field by learning, developing, and applying innovative research methods.

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Welcome to the Ph.D. in Health Sciences Program

“I am pleased that you have taken the first step in starting your journey towards a Ph.D. in Health Sciences. Our interdisciplinary program offers topics at the forefront taught by leading faculty and experts in the field. In this program, you will develop as a researcher and be educated on topics related to health equity, social determinants of health, public health, policy, and global health, all of which impacts health outcomes in local and global communities.  We also have resources available for you to professionally develop as a scholar and practitioner. I encourage you to take a look at all sections including our resource section below and take advantage of opportunities to present and develop your scholarly portfolio.  I am looking forward to reviewing your application and upon satisfactorily meeting admissions requirements, welcoming you to the Trident Family.”– Dr. Mickey Shachar

Program Overview

The College of Health Sciences offers the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Health Sciences degree with a variety of concentrations. Our students conduct studies in various fields, including: public health, global health, health disparities, epidemiology, health education, nursing research, health research, allied health research, health policy, health administration, environmental health, physical therapy, occupational health, molecular biology, and many other fields.

See the Trident University Catalog for full descriptions of all program course offerings.

Admissions RequirementsPrepare to take the lead in our virtual classrooms and in your career. If you are ready to take this important next step, apply online now. An application fee of $75 (non-refundable) and documents specified below are required for all Ph.D. applicants.


The full application will be reviewed holistically in terms of potential to succeed in the Ph.D. program.  Prospective students are encouraged to submit an inquiry below for the PhD Health Sciences Program so that they can be contacted by an admissions advisor.  Prospective applicants should have earned a 3.0 GPA minimum.  Applications that do not meet our requirements will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Core CoursesYou are required to take at least five research methods courses and two required theory courses in the field of health sciences. These courses will provide the foundation for your pursuit in specialized  concentrations. All courses are four semester unit courses. The last course taken prior to the dissertation series is the required DHS699, Dissertation Seminar.

Trident University accepts no more than four semester credits of doctoral level credits from regionally accredited doctoral granting institutions provided the transferred course meets the same content standards as the Trident University course.

Note: Students are required to purchase IBM SPSS Statistical Software for the quantitative research courses and dissertation research.

ConcentrationsYou may choose one of the concentrations offered in the Ph.D. Health Sciences program.  Twelve elective credit units are needed to fulfill the concentration requirements:

  • Global Health This concentration focuses on global health and will explore how globalization impacts determinants of health and disease. Courses include Current Issues in Global Health Research, Global Epidemiology, Introduction to Health Equity, and Special Topics in Health Science and Public Health.
  • Health Policy and Administration This concentration prepares leaders in health policy and administration through evaluation, development, analysis, and implementation of health and health policies. Courses include Advanced Leadership, Health Care Law, Regulation and Ethics, Current Issues in Health Administration, Seminar in Strategic Planning for Health Sciences, and Special Topics in Health Science and Public Health.

Comprehensive ExamThe comprehensive exam (or qualifying exam) includes a written and an oral portion. You will be examined on your understanding of theory, research methods, and statistical concepts related to the research process in your area. The comprehensive exam is scheduled during your first course in the dissertation phase of the program (DHS 700).

A committee of two faculty members will review the written exam and send their recommendations to the Program Director on whether they think you are ready to proceed to the oral exam. If approved to proceed, you will sit for the oral exam within a week. During the oral examination you will defend the written portion and answer any pertinent questions from faculty members. One of the key objectives of the written and oral qualifying examination is to assess the ability and preparedness of the student to successfully complete their research-based dissertation.

If you fail the first attempt you will be given another chance to pass the qualifying exam. Failure in the second attempt will lead to disqualification from the program.

Dissertation Study and CommitteeA dissertation committee and dissertation chairperson will be established for you. Each committee will consist of three faculty members with one serving as chair of the committee. One member of the committee or the chairperson must be external to Trident and at least one of the members are considered as a subject matter expert in the area of your dissertation research. The chairperson and the committee will be responsible for guiding you during the dissertation process.

You will show a synthesis of your doctoral study, knowledge and scholarship with a significant quantitative research project that contributes to general principles of knowledge in the field(s) potentially affected by the research. Furthermore, doctoral students may use qualitative research methods for their dissertation research provided they have a strong background in qualitative research. Following the completion of the course work including the Dissertation Proposal Seminar (DHS 699), you will work on the dissertation and register insubsequent sessions in the dissertation series (DHS 700, DHS 701, and DHS 702), and dissertation continuation courses (DHS 703 and above).

IRB ApplicationPursuant to Federal law and regulations, Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval is required for research involving human subjects. Accordingly, prior to the student conducting research involving human subjects, including the collecting and analyzing of data, the proposed study must be reviewed and approved by the Trident IRB.Graduation RequirementsYou will be required to complete 11 core courses (44 credits) and 3 elective courses within the chosen concentration (12 credits) for a total of 56 credits. Also, you must successfully complete both the oral and written comprehensive exam and complete the dissertation seminar/prospectus. Lastly, you will need to successfully defend the dissertation proposal and Ph.D. dissertation.School Performance Fact Sheet (California Residents Data)Pursuant to California State Law, Trident University publishes and provides to students residing in California, Performance Fact Sheets to help students make informed decisions regarding their program of interest. The fact sheet for each degree program is filed with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Regardless of any information students may have relating to completion rates, placement rates, starting salaries, or license exam passage rates, fact sheets contain the information as calculated pursuant to state law. Any questions a student may have regarding this fact sheet that have not been satisfactorily answered by the institution may be directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education at: P.O. Box 980818, West Sacramento, CA 95798-0818 | | P:888.370.7589 or 916.431.6959 | F:916.263.1897 tuition type


*Assumes no transfer credits and that student enrolls in an average of 16 credits per year. Does not include cost of dissertation continution courses, the number of which vary based on dissertation completion date. All per semester credit hour costs are for program level (600/700) courses.  Students in the dissertation stage register for one course of four semester credit hours per session.  In addition, there are dissertation continuation courses which are $800 per course at 0 credit hours.

University Fees: 

  • Food, Housing, and Transportation: N/A
  • Graduation Fee: $150
  • Official Transcript: $10 (rush fee $35)
  • Other Expedited Shipping Fees: varies based on region
  • Payment Plan Set-up: $30 (non-refundable)
  • Student ID Card: $10 (optional)
  • Technology Fee: $0
  • Other fees may apply and are subject to change without advance notice.


Seeking more information on the cost of attending Trident University? Visit Trident’s Financial Aid Resources page where you will find financial aid tools including Trident’s Net Price Calculator and Shopping Sheet, a guide to assist in early financial planning for college.

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